Corista DP3 selected by Johns Hopkins Medicine to extend pathology capabilities with digital pathology platform

Thu, Jul 7, 2016

Corista DP3 to improve Johns Hopkins’ Tumor Board functionality,
enable remote consults and integrate with critical systems

Baltimore, MD – Johns Hopkins Medicine, an integrated global health enterprise and one of the leading health care systems in the United States, has successfully installed the Corista DP3 system. The new platform is integral to a number of high priority initiatives of Johns Hopkins’ Department of Pathology , including improving their Tumor Board process, extending pathology consultations to remote locations, and integration with existing systems, including their LIS.

Johns Hopkins is standardizing on the Corista DP3 system as its centralized digital pathology platform to streamline pathology workflows among its 5 hospital centers. The DP3 will be used for critical pathology workflows including Tumor Boards, remote consults, and to integrate with other key hospital systems, including the LIS. Preparing pathology slides for use in tumor boards has traditionally been very labor and time intensive. With Corista’s DP3 system, the process is streamlined, allowing for much quicker selection and organization of the appropriate tissue images.

Johns Hopkins also plans to use the remote access features of DP3 to extend their pathology consultation services to other medical centers around the country. DP3’s design provides highly flexible access methods, integrates with any WSI scanner images, and supports simultaneous consultation and annotation. These features allow hospitals, like The Johns Hopkins Hospital, to extend the reach and availability of their pathology specialists and sub-specialists to physicians and their patients around the world.

Johns Hopkins intends to integrate Corista’s digital pathology platform with their LIS and other key hospital information systems. The objective is to provide more efficient and accurate flow of information across core systems that manage patient, administrative, and financial functions for the hospital system.

“Corista’s experience working with pathologists to integrate imaging hardware and software across multiple locations ensures physicians have access to every patient case and image, Tumor Board and Quality Assurance process,” said Liz Wingard, Corista CEO. “We’re delighted to be collaborating with Johns Hopkins in this effort.”