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Designed in concert with practicing pathologists to standardize routine workflow, DP3 facilitates the straightforward implementation of digital pathology in your lab:

  • Tumor boards & subspecialty conferences
  • Quality management
  • Expert reviews

DP3 provides a central portal for case management, with immediate access to digital images from any scanner. Pathologists manage their workload better because they are able to accept, review and transfer cases regardless of patient location, collaborate with internal and external colleagues, render opinions and report their findings on each case, all within the platform.

Experts prepare customized synoptic reports for referring pathologists in minutes, because DP3 seamlessly and instantly gathers and incorporates patient data and images directly from different sources.

Tumor boards & subspeciality conferences

DP3’s integrated support for use in tumor boards and subspeciality conferences brings digital pathology to the forefront in support of interdepartmental decision-making and peer review.

DP3 assists pathologists preparing for meetings with its robust search function and presentation-ready synoptic reports. The platform’s Web-based interface is easily accessed on any Internet-enabled device, which delivers comprehensive case information, including annotated images, directly to the tumor board conference room.

Quality management

DP3 automates, documents and digitally supports intra-departmental consultations and reviews as part of a rigorous quality assurance program. DP3 facilitates your QA workflow from case review through remediation and resolution, providing reporting documentation to ensure readiness for your laboratory’s inspection.

Expert case reviews

DP3 maximizes workflow by incorporating filters to sort, assign, notify and manage cases by subspecialty pathologists or group assignment.

Corista’s flexible platform provides a secure portal access for remote medical facilities to request a case review by an expert center. Corista’s DP3 collaboration feature enables pathologists to easily interact while working in distant locales. Pathologists can simultaneously view and discuss cases and images with each other. A customized synoptic report is then quickly generated for referring colleagues.