Collaborative: Connected. In Real Time.

Share. Communicate. Teach.

DP3 is inclusive, comprehensive and fully scalable. Being hardware-neutral means everyone can view images – simultaneously or as time permits – from subspecialists to clients to students.

DP3’s collaboration feature enables pathologists to easily interact while working in distant locales. Pathologists and other physicians can simultaneously view and discuss cases and images with each other while making annotations and exchanging screen control as needed.

DP3’s Virtual Slide Tray offers a unique collaboration feature that allows pathologists to easily interact. This eliminates precious time often lost while waiting for an e-mail reply or returned phone call to discuss a case.

Experts view patient data and images together as soon as the image is created; saving the large amounts of time typically lost searching for images in multiple applications.

Cases are stored with images of the barcode, label and thumbnail, and include fully searchable text-based and image-based functionality across all case metadata.  Search functionality includes type of stain, grossing data, demographics, patient history, microscopic report and any additional associated case or patient data.

DP3’s integrated support for use in tumor boards brings whole slide imaging to the forefront in support of cross-departmental collaboration and peer review.

The platform’s web-based interface is easily accessed on any Internet-connected device, delivering case information, images, and annotations directly to the conference room.