Integrated: Any Scanner. Any System.

DP3 integrates all image formats from any make or model of whole slide scanner and with every LIS. This robust platform augments your existing systems to unlock the real potential of digital pathology in your lab.

Universal. Cooperative. Seamless.

Since DP3 is hardware-neutral, pathology practices can use the hardware best suited for their needs and existing infrastructure, while seamlessly interfacing with other facilities that may have different equipment and systems.

This means a pathologist or other physician can access patient information and slide images, and collaborate with others, from any location on any Internet-connected device.

DP3 integrates all image formats from any make or model of whole slide scanner, and with every LIS, HIS, EHR and EMR.

Corista’s DP3 is highly scalable, and DICOM and 21 CFR 11 compliant.

Interoperability, Compliance and Security

  • Browser based platform is compatible with standard browser formats
  • Universal Viewer natively reads images from any WSI scanner or internet enabled microscope
  • Hardware neutrality provides flexibility to choose devices best suited for needs and existing infrastructure
  • Supports high-resolution displays, touch screens and tablets
  • Platform supports seamless integration and connections to any LIS, HIS, EHR and EMR
  • Single screen access to all functionality
  • Security — protects patient information and provides comprehensive audit trails and reporting of entire case access and activity by user
  • Role-based authorization to system functions with customizable restricted levels of access
  • Fully customizable reports for both internal systems and external referring physicians
  • Endlessly scalable
  • DICOM, HIPAA and FDA 21 CFR 11 compliant