Unlock the Power

Any Scanner. Any LIS.

Corista’s DP3TM is the catalyst that will transform your whole slide scanner into a powerful everyday digital pathology workhorse. DP3 optimizes management of your whole slide images from any scanner to support workflows of key Anatomic Pathology functions:


Tumor Board & Subspecialty Conference Support
Simplifying digital acquisition and annotation for streamlined navigation and presentation during multi-disciplinary tumor review boards

Learn more with our Pathology Preparation Process for Tumor Boards infographic.



Quality Management
Automating, documenting and digitally supporting intra-departmental consultations and reviews as part of a rigorous quality assurance program

Learn more by seeing how one medical center used DP3 to improve their quality assurance process and workflow.



Expert Reviews
Immediately connecting subspecialty expert pathologists with remote physicians and facilities anywhere in the world, for either synchronous or asynchronous peer reviews and collaborations.

Learn more with our Crossing the Digital Divide infographic.



Digital Web-Based Portal
Centralized collaboration capability with secure universal access, for strengthening your bidirectional referral and alliance network



Image Management and Repository
Comprehensive, fully scalable management of digital images from acquisition through archive

Learn more with our Slide Management System infographic.



Study Sets
A powerful tool for creating, annotating, sharing, storing and coordinating digital cases for publication or training

Learn more with Digital Study Sets Come of Age.


Pathologist Scheduling
Maximizing workflow by incorporating filters to sort, assign, notify and manage cases by defined sub-specialty pathologists or group assignment



Lean Process Implementation
Revolutionizing productivity in your AP lab – helping you do more with less



Scalable Multi-headed Microscope
Remote collaboration and training capability in real-time with multi-resolution magnification supporting an unlimited number of secure simultaneous viewers, each with the capacity to annotate digital images



Report Integration
Simplify the incorporation of unlimited digital images with automatic capture of case data and free text or easily customized, time-saving “drag & drop” discrete data-field reporting to supplement any existing LIS


Learn more with our Key Steps to a Successful Digital Pathology System Implementation e-guide.