The Flexibility You Need

No matter how your organization or lab is structured— a very large system, a small medical center or a commercial laboratory— Corista’s DP3 portal-based architecture provides the flexibility you need to solve the unique challenges of each environment.


The Centralized Pathology Lab
Corista’s DP3 image server and software platform are co-located with the lab’s whole slide image scanner. The DP3 portal provides pathologists and other physicians secure, browser-based access to the platform regardless of their location. Pathologists can view and manage their own cases in an image-centric pathology workflow with the tools needed to review, annotate, collaborate, and generate customized synoptic reports for referring pathologists, tumor boards and other requirements.
The Commercial Pathology Lab
Pathology labs accept and process specimens and create glass slides. With Corista’s DP3, they can digitize them using any whole slide scanner. Instead of having to ship glass slides back via overnight courier, labs can now post digital images for instant access and viewing by each remote client.
  Global Pathology Support
With more than 70% of the world’s pathologists in the United States, there is increasing demand for their services from patients and physicians around the world. Corista’s DP3 collaboration feature enables pathologists to easily interact while working in distant locales. Pathologists can simultaneously view and discuss cases and images with each other, and the subspecialty experts can prepare customized synoptic reports in hours instead of days.
Remote Case Review
In this environment, expert centers are working with small or rural medical facilities either within the U.S. or abroad. Corista’s flexible platform provides a secure portal access for remote medical facilities to request a case review by an expert center. Expert centers that need to extend service beyond their enterprise can use a cloud-based platform to support remote pathologists from any internet-connected device.
The Integrated Delivery Network
In this environment, each lab has their own whole slide image scanner, of various makes and models, according to the volume and needs of each facility. Corista’s DP3 image server software is co-located with each scanner and networked with the DP3 Enterprise Portal server at a central data center.