Advancements in Workflow Efficiencies Enhanced through Corista and Aira Matrix Collaboration

Mon, May 6, 2024

Corista and Aira Matrix are teaming up at the 2024 Digital Pathology and Artificial Intelligence Congress (DPAIC) in San Diego to present their complementary solutions for image management and integrated AI quality control (QC). Together, Corista and Aira are advancing the standardization of digital pathology image data quality.

On May 7, at the DPAIC meeting, Corista, a pioneer in innovative image management workflow solutions, and Aira Matrix, a leader in AI pathology workflow tools will be joining forces to present their integrated solutions. They will demonstrate how digital pathology image management and AI-enabled quality control algorithms improve workflow efficiencies across all pathology initiatives–both clinical and research.

Presenters Eric Wirch, Corista’s CTO and Chaith Kondragunta, Aira Matrix CEO will be speaking on Day 1 on “Making Data Useful for the Long Road – FAIR Principles & Standards to Future-Proof your Data.”

We invite you to join us as we explore how improving data quality from the outset of whole slide image scanning will affect downstream initiatives.  The result is improved long-term projects, and increased value through the adoption of image management combined with the power of AI.