Corista Debuts New Features in DP3

Wed, Jun 5, 2019

DP3’s latest update adds new tools, providing even more flexibility and power to your digital pathology applications.  

Concord, MA (May 30, 2019) – Integrated pathology solutions leader, Corista, has released their latest version of DP3. DP3’s latest updates extend the platform’s integrated pathology workflows to include Image Analytics from Visiopharm, which also archives patient analysis within the patient file. Other new features include Freehand Annotations and expanded User Roles for students and researchers limiting the view of patient identifiers. The updated Slide Uploader allows easy image uploads from your hard drive or local server.

“There are many useful enhancements to the latest DP3 platform. Among those are the Slide Uploader, which allows you to upload images directly from any server or hard drive. This feature also allows for remote uploads to specialists for expert opinions and allows researchers to collaborate, regardless of the scanner used,” said Keith J. Kaplan, MD, Corista’s CMO.

“There is also a Freehand Annotation tool that allows you to go beyond circles, squares, and ovals when annotating for image analysis or research region of interest studies. Our integration with Visiopharm and the added use of freehand annotation means more specific areas can be analyzed without using ‘canned’ shapes for selection. The new Student Role feature allows for use of clinical material while protecting patient health information, including elimination of slide label, case demographic and case report information,” Kaplan continued. 

Other updates include:

  • Image analysis – This feature allows you to submit images or annotated Regions of Interest and export them for image analysis (research-use-only). Results are then imported directly from the analytics partner to the patient’s record.
  • Heatmaps: Heatmaps can be generated on slide images to display the concentration of user activity on a slide. The use of heatmaps helps ensure that the pathologist reviews all areas of an image.
  • Create New Case Wizard: The new enhancements to the Case Wizard streamlines the case accessioning process for both clinical and private cases. Customizable fields guide the user through the accessioning process to obtain the critical data needed for your patient’s case.

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About Corista
Corista delivers the industry’s most extensive array of workflow, analytical and collaborative tools for pathology.

Medical centers can seamlessly integrate with LIS/EHRs in a unified digital environment of whole-slide, gross and static pathology images. Physicians have 21st-century tools to collaborate, communicate, teach and report with access to ‘best of breed’ image analytics. Specialists can receive digital consults from remote physicians and patients from across the globe, and Investigator-initiated researchers have an R&D platform to apply their algorithms.

Corista provides for a new level of interoperability for pathology, integrating WSI image scanning systems, image analytics and LIS/EHR platforms with a rich collaborative environment for physicians, patients, bio-tech and pharmaceutical scientists.

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