The Centralized Pathology Lab

Sat, Nov 22, 2014

One lab supports multiple medical centers and remote physicians.

In this environment pathology specimens are shipped to a centralized lab for processing. The referring physicians are geographically dispersed.

Corista’s DP3 image server and software platform are co-located with the lab’s whole slide image scanner. The DP3 portal provides physicians and pathologists secure, browser-based access to the platform regardless of their location. Pathologists can view and manage their own cases in an image-centric pathology workflow with the tools needed to review, annotate, collaborate, and generate customized synoptic reports for referring physicians, tumor boards and other requirements.


  • With DP3’s Pathologist Dashboard, the centralized lab becomes more efficient. The dashboard acts as the nerve center for patient case workflow where lab managers can view and assign the department’s cases and incoming requests from a single screen, getting the right pathologist on the right case at the right time.
  • DP3 simplifies pathologist workflow by creating a singular view of their worklist. Through the Pathologist Dashboard, they are able to accept and transfer cases, review cases regardless of patient location, collaborate with internal colleagues, render opinions and report their findings on each case, all within one screen.
  • DP3 seamlessly and instantly gathers patient data and images directly from different sources, speeding the responses specialists provide for internal and external consults.
  • Pathologists have instant access to synthesize their images, notes, and opinions into presentation-ready formats for tumor boards.