Remote Case Review

Sat, Nov 22, 2014

Smaller, geographically dispersed medical facilities require access to pathology experts.

In this environment, expert centers are working with small or rural medical facilities either within a U.S. region, or abroad.

Corista’s flexible platform provides a secure portal access for remote medical facilities to request a review by an expert center. Based on the specifics and criteria of your configuration, Corista has a platform to solve your unique needs.

Expert centers working with rural medical facilities within a U.S. region can install DP3 image server and software platform wherever the remote whole slide image scanner resides, providing web- and permission-based access to the expert center’s DP3 portal.

Expert centers that need to extend service beyond the enterprise can use a cloud-based platform to support remote pathologists from any Internet-connected device.


  • Experts manage their workload from a single screen, the Pathologist Dashboard. They can see cases from anywhere in the world, including their own, the department’s cases, and incoming requests from remote locations.
  • No matter where and how the image was scanned, pathologists view patient data and images together within the DP3 platform as soon as the image is created, saving large amounts of time that was spent searching for images in multiple applications.
  • Pathologists can view images and collaborate with colleagues and referring physicians in real time within the DP3 platform eliminating lost time waiting for replies to questions.
  • DP3 seamlessly and instantly gathers patient data and images directly from different sources allowing experts to prepare customized synoptic reports for external consults in minutes.
  • Corista’s text-based archival and search functions help pathologists prepare for tumor boards or seminars. Search your image database to identify cases of interest to present for discussion.
  • Pathologists have instant access to synthesize their images, notes and opinions into presentation-ready formats for tumor boards.