Global Pathology Support

Sat, Nov 22, 2014

With more than 70% of the world’s pathologists in the United States, there is increasing demand for their services from patients and physicians around the world.

Corista’s platform enables expert pathology practices to offer secure digital access to remote pathologists around the world via a web browser.

Once a Corista relationship has been established between the expert center and remote pathologist, the remote pathologist is provided secure access to their own Pathologist Dashboard within the expert center’s DP3 platform. Upon logging in, the pathologist uploads patient data and images, and then requests an expert review of a digital slide.


  • The DP3 platform provides a central portal for case management, with immediate access to digital images from any scanner and integrates with any LIS, as well as offers browser-based access from connected devices.
  • Pathologists manage their workload better because they are able to accept and transfer cases, review cases regardless of patient location, collaborate with internal and external colleagues, render opinions and report their findings on each case, all within the platform.
  • Experts view patient data and images together within the DP3 platform as soon as the image is created; saving the large amounts of time typically lost searching for images in multiple applications.
  • DP3’s collaboration feature enables pathologists to easily interact while working in distant locales. Pathologists can simultaneously view and discuss cases & images with each other while making annotations and exchanging screen control as needed.
  • Experts prepare customized synoptic reports for referring pathologists in minutes, because DP3 seamlessly and instantly gathers patient data and images directly from different sources.