Sat, Nov 22, 2014

Every Whole Slide Scanner, Any LIS

DP3 integrates all image formats from any whole slide scanner. DP3 is a truly unified system. The Virtual Slide Tray reads images from any whole slide image scanner, and connects to any pathologist within a Corista-connected enterprise or across the world through the cloud.

Since DP3 is hardware-neutral—the platform connects to any LIS, EHR and HIS—pathology practices can use the hardware best suited for their needs and existing infrastructure, while seamlessly interfacing with other facilities that may have different equipment and systems.

This means a pathologist or a physician can access patient information and slide images, and collaborate with others, from any location on any Internet-connected device.

Corista’s DP3 platform is highly scalable, and DICOM and 21 CFR 11 compliant.

Tumor Boards and Grand Rounds

DP3’s integrated support for use in tumor boards brings diagnostic imaging to the forefront in support of cross-departmental decision making and peer review.

DP3 assists pathologists preparing for tumor boards with its robust search function and presentation-ready synoptic reports.

The platform’s Web-based interface is easily accessed on any Internet-connected device, which delivers case information, images, and annotations to the conference room.


DP3’s robust text-based search function gives pathologists one-screen access to easily identify, aggregate and view all cases within defined search criteria. DP3 quickly searches patient and case information, as well as images in the Virtual Slide Tray, assisting pathologists preparing for tumor boards, seminars, publications, course work or research.


Corista’s DP3 platform allows pathologists to create customized synoptic reports – supplementing their LIS report functions – and consolidates data that can be mined and analyzed by third-party tools.

Standardized and custom templates are easily created from the Pathologist Dashboard. Data can be gathered from many sources, such as thumbnail images and annotations from the Virtual Slide Tray or patient information from LIS, and quickly dropped into reports, dramatically reducing the turnaround time.

DP3 will also create presentation-ready reports for tumor boards and other internal reporting systems.

The platform’s web-based interface is easily accessed on any Internet-connected device, delivering case information, images, and annotations directly to the conference room.