Sat, Nov 22, 2014

The Pathologist Dashboard and Virtual Slide TrayTM are two unique features of DP3TM that are designed to provide one-screen access to all the tools needed to review a case, collaborate with others and create a report.

Pathologist Dashboard

DP3 provides a single view of all stages of the anatomic AP workflow by consolidating patient data and native images into a single dashboard.

Pathologists can easily view and manage their workload, accept, transfer and review cases—regardless of patient or case location—with the tools necessary to review, annotate, collaborate, and create customized synoptic reports for referring physicians and tumor boards.

The Pathologist Dashboard expedites case management by consolidating case information into one screen:

  • active internal and external case listing for access by internal pathologists
  • external patient cases identified by remote medical center, referring pathologists, with requests or instructions noted
  • filters to sort, read, assign and manage caseloads by defined groups or physicians
  • e-mail integration provides instant notification of case assignments and colleague requests for collaborative insights

Virtual Slide Tray™

DP3 integrates with whole slide image scanners of all makes and models, which means it reads native images from any scanner and consolidates case images into a single Virtual Slide Tray. The high-resolution digital images are immediately available for review in the tray once scanned by a DP3-connected whole slide scanner.

Pathologists can perform the complete range of work activities within the Virtual Slide Tray, and can collaborate with colleagues and referring pathologists directly within the slide tray.